Whether you are ready or not, the most wonderful time of the year will be here before you know it and now is the ideal time to start your holiday marketing planning. As a gift from our team to yours, we’ve put together some holiday marketing promotions and communications that your team can leverage along with accompanying holiday templates. Check it out:



The holidays can be both a wonderful and stressful time of the year for your account holders. Help them relax and enjoy this time of year by giving them the opportunity to skip one of their upcoming loan payments to free up some cash for the holidays. You can even incentivize your account holders to donate to local charities when offering them the opportunity to skip their upcoming payment. Learn How to Support Your Account Holders with Skip a Payment Programs and the key program considerations and critical details to include in your communications. We’ve created holiday postcard and letter templates to help you get started. Download these direct mail templates and modify with your financial institution’s offer details.

Skip A Pay Postcard – Holiday Jingle

Skip A Pay Postcard – New Year

Skip A Pay Postcard – Stress Free Holidays

Skip A Payment Letter – Happy Holidays

Skip A Payment Letter – Holiday Charity

Skip A Payment Letter – Holiday Gifts

Skip A Payment Letter – Holiday Shopping

Skip A Payment Letter – Stress-Free Holidays


The holidays are the perfect time to promote your personal loan offers to your account holders. One of our Core iQ customer’s generated 436 new personal loans and experienced a 150x return by promoting personal loans to their account holders right before the holidays. Learn how your financial institution can generate the same results by launching a holiday personal loan campaign.

Grab these personal loan postcard and letter templates so that you can start your holiday personal loan campaign today.

Personal Loan Postcard – Bright Holidays

Personal Loan Postcard – Holiday Budget

Personal Loan Postcard – Most Wonderful Time Holidays

Personal Loan Postcard – Simple Holidays

Personal Loan Letter – Holiday Child Gift

Personal Loan Letter – Holiday Family

Personal Loan Letter – Holiday Santa Hats


Remind your account holders that leveraging their home equity can be a smart way to borrow cash for the holidays and beyond by promoting your Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) offers. Holiday HELOC offers will give your account holders the extra money they need to cover their holiday expenses and further your financial institution’s relationships with them. Discover the key components of How to Develop a Successful HELOC Promotion and start developing your communications by modifying these holiday HELOC direct mail templates.

HELOC Postcard – For Your Holidays

HELOC Postcard – Home this Holiday Season

HELOC Letter – Winter Green

HELOC Letter – Winter Red

4. Mobile App

While communicating your holiday hours and branch closures to your account holders, you also have the opportunity to drive product conversions. One of our Core iQ customers generated 543 new mobile app downloads when they promoted their mobile banking app in their holiday email communications using Core iQ. Learn how you can do the same easily this holiday season.


1. Holiday Greetings

Share a warm holiday greeting with your followers and wish them happy holidays on your social media channels. Take the opportunity to also let them know of your upcoming holiday operating schedule and any branch closures.

2. New Year

Wish your followers a happy and prosperous New Year. Remind your account holders that your financial institution is there to help them achieve all their financial New Year’s resolutions. And be sure to let them know about any holiday hours or closures.

3. Financial Wellness Month

January is recognized as Financial Wellness Month. With the increased spending over the holiday season over and New Year’s resolutions being made, take the opportunity to share tips to help your account holders plan for their financial future. Encourage them to reflect on the state of their personal finances and take steps over the month of January to improve those finances. Get started by downloading these designs and sharing financial tips on your social media channels.

4. Winter Weather Alert

When the snow falls and the roads ice over, your account holders may be wondering about your financial institution’s hours of operation. Before enjoying a snow day, be sure to communicate any branch closings or adjusted hours due to the severe weather. Use these templates to share sudden operating hours changes on your social media channels.

This holiday season don’t let the stress get to you – instead take advantage of all the fun and excitement this time of year brings. By leveraging a few of the holiday marketing promotions and communications above, you can boost your account holder engagement, drive product adoption, and increase your fee and interest income with minimal time and effort. Now, go forth and be on your merry way to creating your holiday marketing campaigns!

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