P$YCLE® Premier Integration

Built for financial marketers, P$YCLE® Premier is proprietary segmentation data that helps you know more about the financial needs and behaviors of your account holder households.

Claritas P$YCLE® Premier identifies over 60 different household segments based on demographics, lifestyle behaviors and actual consumer financial behaviors. With P$YCLE® Premier integration into Core iQ, banks and credit unions nationwide will be able to append P$YCLE® Premier segment data directly to each of your account holders. This data allows bank and credit union marketers to build specific audiences and develop strategic marketing campaigns based on lifecycle stages, targeted financial behaviors and product propensities. Read the press release about our partnership with Claritas.

Why integrate P$YCLE® Premier data into Core iQ?


By appending P$YCLE® Premier to your core data within Core iQ, you will learn more about your current customer’s assets, credit card use, banking behaviors and product preferences. You’ll know what products they have, what they need now, and predict what they’ll need in the future. 


More knowledge and personalization drive better results. Executing multichannel campaigns with P$YCLE® Premier segments have averaged 4-6X greater ROI for financial marketers. 


P$YCLE® Premier opens the door to more personalized messaging based on a segment’s specific needs and their life stage by creating a more complete picture of current customers. With the integration of this valuable segmentation data, layers of your marketing communications such as the creative, messaging and offer delivered as well as the marketing channels leveraged can be tailored to your specific target audience. 


New relationships from your core have P$YCLE® Premier data automatically appended to their profile and accessible in Core iQ the day after account opening. This means that you can segment every one of your relationships with this appended segmentation data at any time. 

Ready to Learn More About Core iQ’s P$YCLE® Premier Integration?

Watch this on-demand webinar where the Onovative team and special guest, Catherine Spisszak, from Claritas dive into everything you need to know about Core iQ’s P$YCLE® Premier integration.