At Onovative, we’re passionate about helping our customers succeed. With great technology and personalized support, we value hearing about our customers’ experience using our marketing automation platform, Core iQ, to collect insights that help spark continued innovation.

That’s why we recently sat down with Core iQ customer, Jim Badger, Vice President of Marketing at State Bank, to listen and learn from his own experience with Core iQ. Read about the conversation here and the takeaways that the Onovative team is using to further enhance our customers’ success.

Jim Badger’s Journey as a New Core iQ User

Imagine stepping into a world where technology not only simplifies your tasks but also transforms how you work. That’s the story of Jim and his initial experience with Core iQ. 

Highlighting Our Customer’s Experience

“I’m more of a creative guy than technical, and I wear a lot of hats. For me, Core iQ is a tool that communicates with your customers efficiently and inexpensively without the need for additional third-party software.”

Jim shares, “When I first started using Core iQ, I was overwhelmed with the new responsibilities. I’m more of a creative guy rather than technical but I have to wear a lot of hats. For me, Core iQ is a tool that communicates with your customers efficiently and inexpensively without having to purchase additional third-party software.” This candid reflection paints a picture of how Core iQ became an extension of Jim’s marketing department, allowing him to master a marketing automation tool that’s now central to his role, while delivering an efficient user experience.

User Support That Makes a Difference

In the world of software, it’s not just about the technology; it’s the people behind it that count. Jim’s experience with Onovative’s customer support team to overcome the typical learning curve is one of the key takeaways about his Core iQ onboarding experience. Specifically, his onboarding relationship began with Angie Coleman, Marketing Account Manager at Onovative, to address his questions with comprehensive strategy and support. He shares enthusiastically, “Angie was a great help, she walked me through all the steps, and that was very beneficial.”

Celebrating Customer Support

“If all the people at Core iQ are like Angie, then you’re doing good. When I need 5 hours of education in 2 minutes, I call Angie.”

The Power of Accessing Core Data

A standout feature of Core iQ for State Bank is its seamless integration with the bank’s complex core system. Jim notes excitedly, “It’s connected to the core, which is amazing.” This integration has proven invaluable, even for other departments within State Bank, such as their accounting team, who often rely on Core iQ to pull reports and numbers that are challenging to access through other systems. This capability highlights Core iQ’s versatility and user-friendliness in handling data-intensive tasks.

Like Jim, many Core iQ users have discovered the power that comes from having immediate access to fresh data. With data that updates on a nightly basis, reports can be converted to a targeted campaign within minutes across multiple channels without having to wait on reporting from IT or an MCIF provider.

Next Steps for Education – Leveraging Core iQ’s CRM Functionality 

Like any marketing tool, there’s a roadmap to follow in order to learn how to fully leverage all the features. The next step for Jim is to learn all about Core iQ’s CRM functionality, a development that Jim finds particularly exciting. 

 This move marks a significant step in utilizing Core iQ’s full potential to enhance customer relationships. Jim’s anticipation for this new application of the software underscores its capacity to adapt and evolve according to the bank’s growing needs.

Feedback: The Driving Force for Innovation 

Jim’s insights don’t just stop at using Core iQ; they extend to shaping its future. His constructive feedback, like suggesting improvements to training materials for their technical nature, is invaluable. “I think the training materials could be improved. They are very technical,” he mentions. This kind of feedback is a goldmine for Onovative – helping to fine-tune the Core iQ platform to be not just good, but great.  

Looking Ahead: Jim and Our Future Advisory Group 

Now, here’s something exciting on the horizon. Jim isn’t just a user of Core iQ; he’s set to bring his expertise to our future advisory group. His knack for marketing in the banking sector will be instrumental in guiding Core iQ’s journey ahead. We’re talking about real, ground-level insights shaping the future of banking technology.

Jim’s journey with Core iQ at State Bank tells a story of transformation, innovation, and forward-thinking. From overcoming initial hurdles to embarking on new CRM functionalities and providing invaluable feedback for software improvements, his experiences highlight the software’s adaptability and its crucial role in modern banking operations. Jim’s story is a beacon for where technology can take us in the banking world, demonstrating the power of collaboration, feedback, and the human element in technology. 

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