Driving Growth with Marketing Automation

As the role of marketing continues to evolve, financial marketers are faced with the need to drive account holder growth and revenue with limited time and resources. Marketing automation can serve as an extra pair of hands you need to help you strategically tap into your data, execute your marketing programs and yield greater results. How do you make an impact at your financial institution leveraging the power of automation? Watch this on-demand live demo webinar where our team dives into everything you need to know about incorporating marketing automation at your financial institution.

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Engaging Today’s Evolving Consumer

Engaging Today’s Evolving Consumer

Learn how to create meaningful touch points to effectively engage your account holders and drive results for your financial institution.

Audience Remarketing Product Release

Dive into Core iQ’s new Audience Remarketing feature created to enhance the automation of your email and survey communications, while allowing your team to do more and save time.

Leveraging Technology to Drive Marketing Success

Explore the unique challenges financial marketers face today and how you can strategically leverage technology to propel your growth efforts forward and achieve your targeted goals.