In the competitive financial services arena, staying ahead requires innovation and a partnership that fosters trust, understanding, and shared goals. EP Federal Credit Union found such a partnership with Onovative, and at the heart of this alliance is Core iQ, a platform that has revolutionized how they connect with their members. 

Maximizing Member Engagement with Marketing Automation

Ron Schneeberger at EP Federal Credit Union was on a mission to find a cost-effective solution that could transcend the traditional boundaries of member engagement. The challenge was clear: solve for limited time and budget with an automation tool to streamline member communications. This challenge is not unique to EP Federal but is echoed across the financial services sector. The answer to this widespread challenge came from Core iQ, a robust marketing platform designed to streamline communication and enhance member relationships at an affordable price. 

Easy-to-Use Tools That Deliver Results

“If all my vendors were as good as Core iQ, my job would be a lot easier. We’ve used the system to great success and there are no drawbacks to it.”

The effectiveness of Core iQ became apparent through a standout reactivation campaign aimed at re-engaging members who had become inactive. This campaign wasn’t just a test of email blasts but a strategic endeavor powered by Core iQ’s sophisticated targeting and personalization capabilities. The success of this campaign, marked by significant ROI and increased member activity, served as a testament to the tranformational value of Core iQ. “I know that by using Core iQ to address our inactive members, we’ve saved a lot of member relationships. And I can tell it’s working because in 2023, we had the lowest number of members with negative accounts since pre-Covid” Ron explains, highlighting the tangible impact of the platform. 

Building Trust Through Partnership

Beyond the technology itself, the trust and confidence that EP Federal places in Onovative’s recommendations is a testament to their partnership. Ron shares, “Core iQ hasn’t steered me wrong yet. I trust you guys implicitly and I know your product works because I’ve seen it in action.” This level of trust is not built overnight but results from Onovative’s commitment to understanding and aligning with EP Federal’s unique needs and goals. 

Marketing Expertise That You Can Trust

“Core iQ hasn’t steered me wrong yet. I trust you guys implicitly and I know your product works because I’ve seen it in action.”

The relationship between EP Federal and Onovative extends beyond professional collaboration; it’s a partnership characterized by a shared vision for excellence in member service. The Onovative team’s dedication to EP Federal’s success is evident in every recommendation, strategy, and support provided, making Core iQ not just a tool, but a catalyst for transformation. 

Unlocking Marketing Potential With The Right Tools

For those just embarking on their marketing careers in the financial sector, the journey of EP Federal Credit Union with Core iQ offers invaluable lessons. It shows that the right technological tools, backed by a partnership built on trust, expertise, and a deep understanding of goals, can lead to remarkable achievements. This story is a beacon for anyone looking to make a meaningful impact in their organization. It highlights the power of innovation, the importance of relationships, and the endless possibilities when the two converge. 

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