Keeping account holders well informed during a core conversion is top priority. They need to know details about the conversion and how it will affect their account(s). Now, the question becomes, should you send letters, emails, or both?

Letters vs. Emails

Mailing a print communication, like a letter, will ensure that everyone receives the notice. It’ll take a few days for the recipient to receive it, however. An email will be delivered immediately, but you may not have an email address on file for every account holder. Thus, not properly informing account holders of the conversion. That’s why we recommend using a combination of both. Below is our recommendation for a general core conversion communication schedule.

We strongly recommend sending a letter from the President or CEO no later than 90 days before the conversion. This will give account holders plenty of notice. It will also give you the opportunity to provide details about the core conversion.

The next four follow-up touchpoints (sent 60, 30, 14, and 10 days before the conversion respectfully) could be in both a letter and email version. The messages can be the same on both or tailored to the version. Make sure to include the benefits of the new core, what services will be impacted, and when the services will be affected.

Please note that we don’t recommend sending print communications after “Day 10” on the schedule. Many direct mail pieces are delivered in a few days. However, holidays and other factors could cause delays. Sending a letter 10 days before the core conversion makes sure the recipient receives it before the conversion. Anything after “Day 10” will need to be an email to ensure a timely delivery. Please make sure that any communication that needs to go to everyone is a letter and is sent no later than 10 days before the core conversion.

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