A $196.3 million dollar community bank was able to generate $5.77 million dollars in new deposits by creating a single-instance targeted campaign using Core iQ, the first all-in-one marketing platform for banks and credit unions.

In an effort to grow deposits, the community bank decided to send a CD promotional offer to 1,948 of its customers in good standing, and without a current CD.

By using Core iQ, this community bank was able to:

  • Maximize its reach
  • Control its costs
  • Queue the campaign instantly

The bank was able to quickly build its target audience by pulling a list of its existing customers based on relevant criteria. They found 1,948 of its current customers that had one or more active core deposit accounts, without a current CD, and a minimum average balance of $2,000.

They sent 1,948 direct mail postcards to its target audience, spending a total of $3,400. However, they were able to generate 72 new CDs and $5,768,706.91 in new deposits.

The ease of Core iQ allowed them to quickly access its data, pull a report of its target audience, and queue the campaign up in minutes.

The Offer

The promotion was simple – with a minimum $500 deposit, customers could open an 18-month CD at a 2.65% APY.

The Results

With Core iQ, the community bank was able to track the campaign from start to finish and achieved a 3.7% conversion rate with its CD postcard offer. Of the 72 new CDs that were opened, 55 of them were for the promotional 18-month CD at 2.65% APY. Of the remaining CDs that were opened at varying rates:

  • 8 of them were a 12-month CD
  • 1 of them was a 24-month CD
  • 4 of them were a 182-day CD
  • 4 of them were an open-term CD

The community bank utilized Core iQ to reach its deposit growth goals with a 3.7% conversion rate and $5.77 million in newly opened CDs. It’s promotion not only prompted a significant amount of the special offer CDs, but also its other CD products as well.

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