A $561M financial institution sought to raise their eStatement enrollment. Amidst ongoing USPS delays, the financial institution launched a campaign to their accountholders highlighting the benefits of eStatements resulting in 831 conversions.

The Audience

The financial institution leveraged Core iQ to segment all of their accountholders who were not currently enrolled in eStatements.

The Offer

The financial institution promoted the simple and effective message e-Statements being quick and easy:

“Enroll in eStatements to receive account information faster and right at your fingertips. No need to wait on the mail!”

The Communications

The financial institution used Core iQ to send out 131,932 automated emails to their accountholders in their target audience over a 6 month time period.

sample estatement email preview

The Results

The emails sent from Core iQ were opened by 98,451 (77%) and the offer clicked on by 5,319 (4%) of the recipients. This email campaign resulted in 831 accountholders enrolling in eStatements. On average, the financial institution saved $0.52 for every accountholder who converted to eStatements resulting $5,310 of annualized savings and 303% return on investment.

131,932 Emails Sent. 831 eStatement Enrollments. 303% Return on Investment

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