These three consultants brought the heat last week, which compelled us to feature them here in Last Week in Bank Marketing. If you only have time to read three bank marketing related articles today, then we highly recommend the following three posts. Amanda McMeans, of Two Score, breaks down five formulas that every credit union marketer should know and offers step by step guidance on how to calculate them. John Siracusa, of mOSa Marketing, brings some practical tips on ways to use community bank and credit union employees as a competitive advantage. And Holly Buchanan, of Buchanan Marketing LLC, discusses the importance of the hand-off between employees when it comes to cross-selling efficiently. Enjoy these articles and consider following these people on Twitter if you aren’t already.

Five things every credit union marketer should know

“Now that we are almost halfway through 2015, this is a great time to go back and evaluate your plan and identify the opportunities for improvement. If your plan doesn’t include all of these elements, add them in and watch your numbers begin to improve.

Promoting your competitive edge will keep them coming back

“In a study by PeopleMetrics, they surveyed consumers and found that while banks of all sizes do a fairly similar job at delivering confidence in security, community banks excel in their ability to make customers feel valued, appreciated and cared for. This connection creates loyalty across a variety of customer demographics.”

Are your cross-sellers dropping the hand-off at your credit union?

“It’s what every credit union hopes for an existing member is interested in another product or applying for a new loan. Often, there is a hand off that is required from one employee to another. That hand-off is crucial not only to a successful sale, but also to building a stronger relationship with your member. Too often, that hand-off isn’t handled as well as it could be.” Read More Buchanan Marketing LLC @HollyBuchanan on Twitter