Last week AdAge came out with an article on JPMorgan Chase and Company’s campaign to show consumers how easy their lives can be when they bank digitally. In the article, CMO for Chase Consumer Banking, Ms. Donna Vieira, referred to digital banking as “the way our customers want to bank.” The ads show a mix of iconic celebrities working hard to master their craft, with the takeaway being that it is extremely easy to bank digitally with Chase. According to Chase, this is an awareness campaign as 19 million Chase customers already use their mobile application. Staying on this theme, published a head to head review of the Chase mobile app compared to Bank of America’s latest mobile application. Between the article and the comments, the consensus appears to be that the Chase app lets consumers do more, but see for yourself by clicking the link below. We’re rounding this week’s articles out with a great “How To” on CU Insight that provides six tips on Email marketing. Enjoy the best bank marketing posts from last week.

Chase Promotes Digital Products With Major ‘Masters’ Campaign

“​TChase chose to highlight its digital offerings in light of a recent shift in customer banking habits. Some 19 million Chase customers use the bank’s mobile app, up 20% from last year, according to Chase. Mobile deposits are up 30%, ATM deposits are up 10% and peer-to-peer payments are up 70%, the company said.”

Bank of America vs. Chase: Who Has the Better Mobile Banking App?

“In terms of the features, Chase’s app covers the same ground as Bank of America’s version. You can do all the day-to-day tasks, from checking balances to scheduling transfers to setting up account alerts.”

Six tips for better email marketing

“Though phishing scams and spam sometimes give it a bad rap, email marketing is still one of the most viable, effective, and inexpensive tools in the marketing mix, especially for credit unions. However, many credit unions could benefit from a fresh, new perspective on their email marketing. All digital marketing, including email, is fluid and constantly evolving. What worked well a year ago might not cut it today.”