Google Trends is a great tool that can help marketers understand the relative popularity of a search query over time. In other words, it’s a great way to identify hot topics, keywords, and trends to create top-converting content for your marketing campaigns.

Let’s take a look at Google Trends to see if we can identify any patterns that may be useful for an auto loan campaign. The first pattern we want to look at is whether there are any seasonal correlations associated with when people are researching auto loans and looking to purchase a new vehicle. Since Google Trends shows us interest over time, we want to set our time frame to be at least a few years in order to clearly see any patterns. I plugged in a few different search queries for us to look at and set the time frame to the last five years.

The two top trends we are looking at for an auto loan campaign are “auto loan” and “car loan”, so I plugged both terms in to see if their yearly patterns coincide, and they do almost perfectly. If we look closely at the graph, we can see that there is a steady interest in searches for “auto loan” and “car loan” rising from December to December, peaking between March and October. This indicates that there is definitely a seasonal pattern each year when people are thinking about taking out an auto loan.

Feel free to play around with multiple search queries when planning your auto loan campaign and see what additional trends or insights you may be able to find. You can also breakdown interest by geographical location, narrowing down all the way to the metro area or city.

With this information, you can create targeted and relevant content that coincides with the peak, and begin focusing on content to distribute before the peak begins, to generate interest and awareness as part of your auto loan campaign to steer consumers towards your auto loan product offerings.