When you look online, you’d think that the only thing a survey is good for is to measure customer satisfaction. That couldn’t be further from the truth and we wanted to prove it. So we’ve rolled up all of our knowledge on bank and credit union surveys into a number of different resources, including:

Bank & Credit Union Survey Survival Guide

There are some really good resources online about surveys, but none of them are focused on community banks and credit unions. So we took it upon ourselves to combine our research and experience so that we can bring you a Survey Survival Guide designed specifically for banks and credit unions.

This post provides a framework for defining the purpose of your surveys, a checklist to follow as you craft your surveys, a description of the pitfalls to watch out for and a walk through on survey execution.

We even created an eBook version that you can download and take with you wherever you go.

Upgrade Your Survey Skills

Want to become a survey master? Download the full eBook for free today.

Bank & Credit Union Survey Templates

There are at least three surveys that you should probably have on hand at all times, and we’ve created survey templates just for you. It’s a good practice to survey customers or members when they’re new and as they attrit, so you’ll need both a New Customer Survey and a Lost Customer Survey in your arsenal.

Customer satisfaction is another *standard* survey that you should have on hand. Our Market Reputation Survey will help you understand how satisfied your customers are by asking them one simple question. “How likely are you to recommend us to a friend?”

Click through on the cards below to start using any of our standard survey templates.

Lost Customer
Market Reputation
New Customer

Bank & Credit Union Survey Questions

Looking for a bank of survey questions to help you put together your next survey? We’ve got you covered with four different topic areas.

We put together over 30 questions for you to choose from, in areas like Demographic Data and Customer Service, so you can easily build custom surveys, today.

Click through any of the cards below and start building your own custom surveys to learn more about your customers or members.

Advertising and Marketing Survey Questions

Customer Service Survey Questions

Electronic Services Survey Questions

Demographic Data Survey Questions