Core Conversion Communication Schedule

Core Conversions are a tough time for any financial institution. It’s a difficult transition with a lot of moving parts involved. One of the most important parts is communicating with your customers or members and making sure they are prepared for the transition as well. The graph below represents a general system conversion customer communication schedule. Communications should start no less than 90 days before the system conversion is scheduled to take place. The first thing that needs to be discussed/determined is what services and account information will be impacted by the conversion (bill pay, online banking, account numbers, passwords, etc.).

NOTE: If a service will be offline for any amount of time during the transition, communicate this early and often. Also, make sure to inform your customers or members about any changes that will affect their accounts by direct mail. This will ensure that they receive the notice, and they can’t opt-out of receiving them (like emails). Please note that it’s required by law to notify your account holders about changes happening to their accounts.